• You want to choose the right chamois grip for you! Either a Standard Chamois Grip or a Textured Chamois Grip.
  • Use one of the two methods to wrap the Chamois Grip onto the shaft of your hockey stick.
    • Starting at the bottom of the hockey stick, wrap from bottom of the original grip to the top of the grip at the end cap.
    • Starting at the top of the hockey stick, wrap from the end cap to the bottom of the original grip of the hockey stick.
    • Make sure you keep the grip nice and tight as you wrap it around to ensure it doesn't move when using it.
    • Both will need strips of binding or PVC tape to attach to the hockey stick.
  • Dampen your chamois grip before use to ensure you get the tacky grip the chamois grip provides you.
  • Replace your chamois grip anytime up to 2 months as we have found any long on the hockey stick will increase the chance of mold starting on the chamois grip.

If you want to full indepth guide on how to put a Chamois Grip on, check out How To Put A Chamois Grip On Blog

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