There are so many differnet elements that make up a Goalkeeper we have broken it down to make it easier!

  • Goalkeeping Helmets - One of the most important pieces of equipment for goalkeepers, make sure it fits well and does not move the you shake your head.  Most helmets in the market are the "Ice Hockey" stifle with the "Cats Eye" grill giving you better vision.  These helmets will have a back plate which is fully adjustable allowing for better fit ad comfort.  Make sure that on a regular basis (once a week) you take a baby wipe to the inside the the helmet to clear up any dried sweat which helps prevent mould.
  • Throat Guards - There are a few different types of throat guard, 1) wrap round throat guard goes around the neck and is velcroed at the back 2) dangle which is attached to the helmet grill and hangs freely off the helmet.
  • Chest Protection  - you can buy either a chest guard on its own and have separate arm/elbow guards.  The chest pad should fit well around the body giving enough length to just overlap the padded shorts.  Most chest guards will need some adjustment to the strapping system to allow it to fit each goalkeeper better.
  • Arm Guards - There are two different type of arm guards 1) Elbow, this is just a set of guards which protect the elbow joint with a little protecting above and below the joint. 2) Arm guard, these tend to fit a style of chest pad and give more protection to the whole arm and not just the elbow
  • Adbdo Guards - Another vital piece of protective equipment for both male and female goalkeepers.  These are also available at different levels of protection from kids to school/Club to senior levels.  Make sure you get the right level and size for your requirements.
  • Padded Shorts - Different shorts give different levels of fit and protections, you can either have a short which you step into and close with a belt or you have the style which you wrap around your legs and belt at the top.  Please note this type of short requires an overshort 
  • Overshorts - The go over the padded shorts and can go over any pair of shorts, they help protect the shorts underneath.  Some overshoots come with the padded shorts, others you need to buy separately.
  • Deflectors/Hand Protectors - These come in left and right pads swell as a pair of gloves.  Pairs of gloves come at the lower levels of gloves, and the separate ones allows the goalkeeper to mix and match to fit their needs.  There are inner gloves to help with fit if needed, but players need to make sure that the glove is comfortable and stays on the hand well.  Right hand gloves come in a range of styles, tubular, block etc. the stick is held in the right hand and you need to make sure you have a good grip on it, inside the gloves there are straps to hold onto, just make sure you find the best way to holdout these as well as being able to hold the stick too.
  • Legguards - These come in a range of styles and sizes, they will also interlink with the same Brands kickers.  There is a wide range of appropriate legguards for players, remembering for young Keepers it is best to make sure they fit and not buys something which "they will grow into" as this can be detrimental to the goalkeeper. 
  • Kickers - As already mentioned most Brand kickers only match wither Brand legguards you want to make sure that kickers fit well and that they are appropriate for the level you are playing at.

If you still have questions or need more info on goalkeeping equipment please get in contact with us and we will help you ever bit of the way!

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