Unlike Hockey Sticks, Hockey Shoes are not an essential item for playing hockey. However, this item can easily elevate your game to the next level! We want to make sure that you find the best hockey shoe for the best value, so it suits you and your style of play.

We at Total-Hockey know that buying a new pair of Hockey Shoes for yourself or others can be overwhelming. Keeping that in mind, we have devised this (Hopefully) easy blog to make sure you buy the right hockey shoes.

So, without any further ado, let us check it out.


Why Should I Buy a Pair of Hockey Shoes?

The biggest reason, and probably the most obvious, why hockey players will wear hockey shoes is because they are specifically designed for playing hockey.

Shoes like trainers and football Astro shoes are perfect for kids and junior hockey players starting off their hockey careers. We suggest this because kids’ feet are constantly growing, as we all know. And if they are still figuring out if hockey is for them, buying hockey shoes can get quite expensive!

However, if you wear these shoes as a youth or senior player, they cannot suit your game. And more importantly, for your feet! If you are wearing trainers that you would run in, you may enjoy their comfort. But then again, they don't have any grip on the bottom of them. So, you are more likely to slide around the hockey pitch, which could lead to injury!

 Like a fundamental football Astro shoe, shoes are different because it has rubber stud grips on the bottom. As a result, you have some form of grip on the hockey pitch, giving you the grip to stay on your feet. However, the downside to these shoes is that football is a sport that is run and played in straight lines. Therefore, football-style shoes are developed to give you the support for running straight.

On the other hand, hockey is a game where you are constantly moving and changing directions. So, you need far more support in your shoe to make sure you do not damage or twist your ankles.


What Makes a Hockey Shoe the Best?

Most hockey shoes are made of different elements to ensure you have a hockey shoe to take your game to the next level.


We have all been there when a hockey ball or a hockey stick has hit your foot hard. And it is pretty easy to say that it is not much of a comfortable feeling! This is why hockey shoes have been developed to give you the best possible protection while playing.

Modern Hockey Shoes have changed how they protect your feet from the early iterations. Early hockey shoes were heavier and looked ‘clumpier’ due to the high levels of protection. But now, with modern technology, hockey shoes can be highly protective without being heavy and 'clumpy' at all!

Hockey shoe protection has been designed to give maximum protection in the most in-need areas. The main areas of protection are around the toes, arch, and heel of the foot. These are the places where you are most likely to get hit.

The other shoe areas will not be as well protected, as you are less likely to get hit there. This is done to keep the hockey shoes as light as possible and ensure optimal protection.


Hockey Shoe grips are made from hardened rubber. They are designed in their specific mold and pattern for the bottom of the shoe to give you the crucial grip on the hockey pitch surface.

The most significant difference between a hockey shoe grip and the likes of a football boot grip is the depth. Football boot grips are usually a deeper metallic stud to give them the grip on a grass football pitch. On the other hand, a hockey shoe grip is designed to provide you with a grip on various surfaces like water-based or sand-dressed hockey pitches.

Hockey Shoe grips have also been designed to give you the best maneuverability possible due to the constant twisting and turning needed while playing hockey. You always want to make sure you have a hockey shoe that will allow you to make quick movements while giving you the best grip possible. No one wants to be the hockey player who constantly slips and falls!


Support and structure in a hockey shoe are vital in ensuring you have the highest comfort and support for your feet. Hockey is a sport that can be very taxing on your feet and knees. And a high level of support in a hockey shoe can ease these symptoms.

Hockey Shoes are specifically designed for sports twisting, turning, and planting nature. And that is why you will find higher levels of structure in them. It will make sure your foot stays in place within the hockey shoe. Whereas football boots and standard trainers do not have the same design and support, potentially leading to injury!


Kids Hockey Shoes Vs. Adult Hockey Shoes

The difference between Adult and Kids’ hockey shoes is in their structure. A junior or kids’ hockey shoe is much softer, similar to a trainer but in a hockey shoe style. This is because kids want to have something soft and comfortable to get them used to wearing a hockey shoe. If something is not satisfactory or feels heavy, you don't want to wear it!

Kids Hockey Shoes

Junior Hockey Shoes typically follow a similar style to adult hockey shoes. However, the difference lies in the narrower fit and a softer sole to the shoe. Again, this is to try and make sure kids get used to wearing hockey shoes. So when they are into the senior sizing, they feel much more comfortable with the slightly heavier version.

Adult Hockey Shoes

Senior Hockey Shoes are designed to give you the best possible grip and support to be confident with the grip on the hockey pitch. Each hockey shoe brand brings its unique style and fits for the shoe. So not all hockey shoes are made equally!

If you are lucky enough to have small feet to fit into kids’ hockey shoes, you have plenty of options! Most kid’s hockey shoes go up to a UK 5.5 or a UK 6. And some adult hockey shoes go right down to a UK 4, which means that you have more shoes to choose from in a range of prices and styles.

 Just remember that kids’ shoes will be much softer. And if you are playing a lot of hockey on them as an adult, you might wear through the much quickly!


How Do I Size My Hockey Shoes?

We want to ensure that you get the right size of hockey shoe for you.

We would always suggest going up a half or a full size in your hockey shoe compared to your regular everyday shoes. We suggest this because you need a bit more room in a hockey shoe because of your thicker hockey socks, plus you need a little space in a hockey shoe to allow your foot to move slightly within it, just so that your toes are jamming against the toe of the hockey shoe.


Hockey Shoe Brands

Hockey brands each have their own taste and style to make their hockey shoes stand out from the crowd.

Adidas Hockey Shoes

Adidas Hockey Shoes have become the market leader for hockey shoes for all levels and ages. Adidas Hockey Shoes have been pushing boundaries using their latest technology developed in the Adidas Labs.

Adidas Hockey Shoes have become increasingly popular in both Adult and Kids sizes. It is due to the trademark bright and vibrating style of hockey shoes.

To see the full range of Adidas Hockey Shoes, Click Here.

Asics Hockey Shoes

Asics Hockey Shoes feature the latest technology, wrapped in stand-out, stylish designs. Asics Hockey Shoes have been developed alongside running footwear to ensure you get the best shoe possible for your feet. They have become a significant staple of Adult and Kid’s Hockey Shoes.

Asics pride themselves on creating some of the best and most technologically advanced hockey footwear. They offer lightweight yet stable hockey shoes that offer brilliant support and protection.

To see the full range of Asics Hockey Shoes, Click Here.

Kookaburra Hockey Shoes

Kookaburra Hockey Shoes have been designed and developed to give players of all levels the comfort and protection needed to play hockey at all levels of the sport.

These Hockey Shoes by Kookaburra Hockey are for both Adults and Kids; this means that the Kookaburra shoe you love is easy to find!

To see the full range of Kookaburra Hockey Shoes, Click Here.

Grays Hockey Shoes

Grays Hockey Shoes have become increasingly more popular due to the development and technology that has been added to the Grays Hockey Shoes. The new products have made them the perfect all-around shoe for players of all levels and, more importantly, any pitch surface.

Grays Hockey offers Male and Female shoes in both Adult and Kids sizing. We can find you a Grays Hockey Shoe that fits you no matter what. These high-performance shoes come in a variety of colors and styles so that you can stand out on the pitch in comfort and with protection.

To see the full range of Grays Hockey Shoes, Click Here.

Mizuno Hockey Shoes

Mizuno is a brand trusted worldwide due to its continued dedication to making outstanding products with specialized technical design to help you “Reach Beyond.”

Mizuno Hockey Shoes are designed with the newest technologies to provide optimum grip and stability on all hockey surfaces.

The trendy Hockey Shoes have been developed to provide the ultimate cushioning and protection for you when training and playing matches. The Mizuno Hockey Shoes have been made in Adult and Kids sizes so that all players can experience the best grip on any hockey surface possible.

To see the full range of Mizuno Hockey Shoes, Click Here.

OSAKA Hockey Shoes

Some leading experts in footwear design and manufacture have developed OSAKA Hockey Shoes. This means that OSAKA has ensured that their Hockey Shoes are the most technologically advanced Hockey Shoe on the hockey pitch.

Osaka Hockey Shoes - Engineered by Athletes, Driven by Experts.

OSAKA Hockey has made it possible for hockey players to experience these elite shoes by making them in Adult and Kids sizes and a Slim and Standard Fit. Thanks to OSAKA, this range of technology is now available for all player levels.

To see the full range of OSAKA Hockey Shoes, Click Here.


Too Long To Read, Summary

  • Wearing Trainers and Football astros for hockey as a kids and junior that is starting out is perfectly okay, because we know feet can grow very quickly.
  • Wearing Trainers and Football astros as an adult can be dangerous and lead to slipping on the hockey pitch and injury!
  • There are multiple areas that make Hockey Shoes different from anything else:
    • Protection - This is added to a hockey shoe to protect your feet from ball and stick hits.
    • Grip - Designed to give you grip on all types of hockey pitches, water and sand dressed.
    • Support/Structure - Specifically designed for playing hockey and hockey players so to avoid injury.
  • Kids Hockey Shoes are made to be softer and slimmer to get kids used to wearing hockey shoes.
  • Adult Hockey Shoes are designed to give you the best grip and support on the hockey pitch.
  • Adult hockey players can wear kids hockey shoes, if your feet are small enough! But may wear through the shoe quicker due to the softness of the shoe.
  • Hockey Shoe sizing can be difficult to judge when buying but we would recommend going up a half size or even a full size to what you would normally wear.
  • Hockey brands have started putting serious science and research into their hockey shoe ranges to make sure you have the best shoe possible on the hockey pitch.


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