What Are Hockey Sticks Made from?

Modern hockey sticks are made up of many different materials, from Wood to Carbon Fiber and almost everything in between. However, the idea of having different materials in a hockey stick means many other things. This includes anything from how hard you can hit the ball to the softness of the stick for close control.

Difference Between Wood And Composite

The two primary hockey stick materials are Wooden Hockey Sticks and Composite Hockey Sticks. We suggest opting for Wooden Hockey Sticks for kids, juniors, and players starting off their hockey-playing careers. These can be used on any surface and allow them to help develop their skills.

While on the other hand Composite Hockey Sticks are designed for players committed to playing the sport. As a result, they can only be used on AstroTurf surfaces.

Hockey Stick Material Break-Down


Wooden hockey sticks are hockey sticks that are made from the simplest materials. We would always suggest kids starting their hockey career buy a wooden hockey stick.

We have found them to be the best stick for beginners as they are lovely and soft, perfect for developing skills. These sticks can be used on any surface, including hockey pitches, driveways, and gardens. Moreover, they are perfect for learning the game anywhere and anytime.

They are also designed for players who would still play on a gravel hockey pitch. To see the full range of Wooden Hockey Sticks Click Here.


Fiberglass hockey sticks are the next level of hockey stick up from a wooden hockey stick. These are the softest of the composite hockey sticks, making them ideal for hockey players who are still finding their feet in our beautiful sport.

These sticks will generate more hitting power than a wooden hockey stick. To see the full range of Fiberglass Hockey Sticks Click Here.


Carbon Hockey sticks are now the most common hockey sticks on the market. The higher the carbon content of a hockey stick, the higher the hitting power you have. All you need is a bit of effort being put in.

We would always suggest working up the carbon points with each stick you buy instead of jumping high amounts of carbon. We have split our carbon hockey sticks up into what we think are the perfect carbon points for players to work up.

We would suggest this because we never want you to leave with a hockey stick and when you use it doesn't feel like you have the right one!

What Does All That Carbon Actually Do?

The more carbon within the hockey stick, the stiffer the stick gets in simple terms. As a result, it increases power output from less effort. With more fiberglass in a hockey stick, the more flexible and softer the stick is. This means you have an increased touch and feel, giving you better ball control.

Misconceptions About Carbon In Hockey Sticks

There are many misconceptions about carbon in hockey sticks. Let us dive in and discuss some of them in brief.

  • Carbon Makes a Hockey Stick Lighter/Heavier - This isn't true; hockey sticks have a set weight regardless of the composition of the hockey stick.
  • The More Carbon in The Stick, The Better the Stick – Again, this isn't true. We have worked out that you need to move up the carbon points in a gradual manner so that you get the most out of your hockey stick. So don't just buy an expensive hockey stick and dislike how it feels on the pitch!

Too Long Too Read, Summary

  • Wooden Hockey Sticks.
    • It is perfect for kids and players starting as it is nice and soft to develop their hockey skills.
  • Wooden Hockey Sticks.
    • It can be used on any surface, making it perfect for getting outside and practicing whenever you can!
  • Fiberglass Hockey Sticks.
    • These are ideal for stepping up to playing more competitive hockey. However, they are still soft enough to continue developing their skills.
  • Fiberglass Hockey Sticks.
    • Can only be used on Astro Turf hockey pitches; otherwise, they will wear too quickly.
  • Fiberglass Hockey Sticks.
    • The more fiberglass in the hockey stick, the softer the stick gives you better ball control.
  • Carbon Hockey Sticks.
    • These are sticks come in various stages of Carbon within the hockey sticks.
  • Carbon Hockey Sticks.
    • The more carbon in the hockey stick, the stiffer it becomes to generate more power with less effort.
  • REMEMBER: We would always suggest gradually going up the carbon points with each stick you buy! Make sure you have the best experience with your new hockey stick.

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