Total Hockey FAQs

Do you have a sizing guide for this product?

Sorry, if there is not a sizing guide on the website with the product we don’t. If we have it we will make it available to you on the site.

Do you have a catalogue you could post me?

Sorry, we don't have a catalogue but everything we stock can be viewed at our website.

What is the difference between a Chamois grip and a Super Soft grip?

A super Soft Grip is a replacement for a stick handle, which has become worn or has ripped.  It has a sticky back on it and is stuck to the stick shaft and is fixed at both ends with tape.

A Chamois Grip is placed over the stick’s grip and wrapped all the way up the stick.  This grip is put on with tension and is only fixed with tape at the top and the bottom and can be easily taken off with very little damage. (See our YouTube site How to put a Chamois Grip on...)

Please note that in our experience PVC/Electrical tape is best for fixing both types of grip to the stick.  The STICKTAPE/CLOTH TAPE/ZINC OXIDE TAPE, are not the best, but will do the job if needed as they absorb the water and come off quicker.

I don’t like the colour of my handle can I change it?

Yes you can, but don’t rush into this.  We tell all our customers to think before they change.  The stick handle is put on in the factory using glue and is put on very well.  The stick grip that you wish to replace your handle with comes with a sticky tape on the back which peels off and sticks to your stick. 

No matter how well or who puts it on it will after time come off again and you will have to replace it time and time again.

Now if your stick grip is coming off or is damage, then we would recommend that you change it.

If you really don’t like the colour of the grip look at putting a Chamois gripover it and they come in a range of colour too!!


When will my order be dispatched?

All 'In Stock' orders that are received by Total Hockey before 3pm GMT, placed online or ordered by telephone should be dispatched the same day. Any orders received after 3pm GMT or during the weekend should bedispatched the following working day. Delivery times can vary depending on where the goods are being sent to and the type of service that has been selected. We don’t dispatch over the weekend so orders received after 3pm on aFriday will be despatched first thing on a Monday.

How long will delivery take for my order?

Delivery time will depend on the type of postage you have chosen and when you placed the order, you can find out more information about our delivery on our “Shipping” page. Click here for more info.

Is weekend delivery available?

Saturday delivery is available for delivery within the UK, but if you want it guaranteed there is an additional charge and delivery is made sometime before 1pm.

How is my delivery sent?

Currently ALL our shipments leave Total Hockey as a“Signed For” item, this means that you or someone needs to be at the address to sign for the package.

What if I am not in when my order is delivered?

All orders need to be signed for, it is up to the currier what they do if no one is in.  Royal Mail and Parcel Force should leave a card indicating when they made the delivery attempt and have either left it with a neighbour or that your order can be collected from your nearest Post Office etc. Please note that this is all at the discretion of the courier.


I have just opened my delivery and my order is damaged, what do I do?

If this happens, call us immediately and we will discuss the damage and try and put things right.  But don’t panic!

Sometimes we will sell items which are “soiled” this means that they may have picked up a scratch or a bump, but this would have been made clear on the PRODUCT DETAILS info and the item might have been reduced to reflect this.

Please note that our sticks in the shop are tried out by our customers in the shop with a ball if they are interested in it and from this may pick up a mark etc.  Unless there is a serious mark onthe stick we would not deem these to be “soiled”.


I have just bought my stick from you and I have just broken it, what can I do?

Sticks sometimes do break, most manufacturers say that if there is a major fault in a stick it will start to appear in the first month to 6 weeks.  If this happens STOP playing with it and contact us ASAP.

What is my stick has broken after 6 weeks of playing with it?

Again STOP playing with it and contact us ASAP, we can then try and help you, the more you continue to play with the stick the less chance we have of getting your stick looked at and possibly fixed.

A small hole has appeared along the edge of my stick what do I do?

If it is a very small hole then it could be a small air pocket, it can be fixed easily with some STICK GLUE then wrap it with some STICK TAPE. 

If it is a hole which has appeared from a tackle again you need to fix it with STICK GLUE, if you don’t the hole might become bigger and much harder to fix.

I chunk of my stick has come off the edge of the stick what can I do?

Best thing is to STOP playing with it and contact us ASAP and we will advise.

The edge of my stick has become cracked or soft can I get a new stick?

These are the tell-tail signs of hitting the stick with the edge of the stick(Slicing/Blading/Back handing etc.)  In most cases the manufacturers will not cover this as the stick is not designed to be played with the edge of the stick. Some companies will have a look at the stick others will not do anything.  As always we will do our best to help but if a crack does appear STOP playing with it and come back to us and we will try and help.

I have been playing with my stick and there is a rattle inside the stick, is it broken?

The simple answer is NO it is not broken! Composite sticks are hollow and have twin chambers running the full length of the stick.  Most if not all rattles are caused by a small part of the glue or fibreglass just coming away from the inside of the stick.  There is nothing wrong with this.

If you can’t live with the rattle you can gently un-rap the top part of the stick grip then take off the end cap at the top of the stick and try and shake the small particle out, then re-glue the end cap and put the grip back on.

My stick is broken what do I do as I do not live near the shop?

Technology is brilliant!  Once you have contacted us and we have discussed what might be wrong we will ask you to take pictures ofthe stick or any product and then e-mail them to us at  We can then have a good look and advise you on what can be done next

The top of my handle is twisting, is it broken, how can I fix this.

If the top of the stick is twisting then it is not broken.  What has happened is that the end cap of the stick has come loose and just needs to be re-glued. 

  1.  Gently take off the grip at the top of the stick just until you get past the end cap. 
  2.  Take the end cap off and clean it and the stick handle from any loose material,
  3.  Then put a little piece of STICK TAPE (not electrical tape) over the end of the stick then use aglue to stick it back on e.g.      “NO NAILS”, “INSTANT NAILS” etc. 
  4.  Place some glue inside the end cap then around the top of the stick and down the sides just the length of the end cap. 
  5.   Now put the end cap on and push it down, be careful of “squirting” glue, then turn the stick upside down and push down     on   the stick head against the floor to make sure the stickhas gone all the way inside the end cap. 
  6.   Make sure you have something on the floor. Then replace the grip and tape it at the top.

My shoes don’t fit or I have picked the wrong size, what can I do?

We make every attempt to make sure that you are given the best information regarding shoe sizes etc. and provide a sizing chart of each brand’s shoes.

If you have picked the wrong size or your shoes are too small/big we will happily change them for you and send you out the size that you need.

The sole of my shoe is coming off at the front/back what can I do?

If it is a genuine fault STOP using them and contact us ASAP, just like sticks faults tend to appear in the early stages of using them.

It is also a common problem when players use their feet to take off their shoes i.e. pull the shoe off with the toes of the other foot or place the heal of the shoe into the side of the other to pull the shoe off.  Unfortunately this is not covered in any of the manufacturers cover and the user has damaged the shoes.

Our advice is to take the time to bend down/sit down and take the laces out and pull the shoe off the foot by hand.

The back of my shoe is starting to “dig” into my heal, what can I do?

If you have just got the shoes and this is the problem, STOP using them and call us and we can discuss the issue.

It can also be caused when the player does not take their laces out and takes off their shoes with the laces still tied, then they put their shoes back on by slipping their foot back into the shoes. Through time this breaks down the back of the shoe causing it to collapse into the shoe and form a hard ridge along the back of the ankle.

Sorry but this is not covered by the manufacturers.