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Check out our extensive range of field hockey balls.  We have a vast array of match and training hockey balls from Kooaburra, Grays, Mercian and many more.  From the popular Kookaburra Sentinel ball, through to the OBO goalkeeper training ball, we have everything you could ever need, in stock and ready to ship.

Need hockey sticks, hockey shoes, clothing or accessories?  Look no further than Total Hockey, your one stop field hockey shop.

TK Hockey

TK Hockey sponsor some of the finest field hockey players on earth are some of the finest hockey players on the planet, including World Cup and Olympic Champions.  #TeamTK use these products because they demand the very best equipment and they know they can Trust In TK.

TK has always been run by Hockey Players for Hockey Players. The close connection we have with all things hockey fuels our motivation to constantly innovate and give something back. Every product is developed with the intention to help a player perfect their game. With Perfection of Quality being the ultimate goal, we constantly strive to refine and advance our products. We take pride in the craft of creating equipment for top hockey players with the utmost care and elaboration.

TK Hockey sticks are suitable for players of all ages and levels of experience.  TK are also synonymous with their shin pads, face masks and field hockey accessories.  At Total Hockey, we have it all in stock and ready to ship worldwide.

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History of TK Hockey

All legends have a beginning. The legend of TK began out of a personal passion for Hockey, a passion held from a very young age by Thomas Kille.

Thomas Kille recognized an opportunity during the 1970’s to elevate the standard of traditional hockey sticks that were available at that time. The studious young entrepreneur began experimenting with new glass fiber and polyester materials, reinforcing blank sticks in the basement of his home and selling them to players he knew, pioneering early technological advances that would shape the hockey sticks of the future. These early sticks ended up in the hands of some high quality players. Soon demand increased as word of the sticks unique quality and performance spread among the clubs.