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Sticks - Jr. Composite

Composite Hockey Sticks for Junior Players

Check out our massive range of Composite hockey sticks for junior players.   We have all the best sticks from the biggest brands in hockey, in stock and ready to ship.  From Adidas Hockey, Grays, Kookaburra and many more.

Do you need a different type of stick? Check out our hockey stick section to see our full range. 

Composite Hockey Stick Care & Advice

  • Use stick tape to ensure good condition is maintained around the head of the stick.
  • Only replace the grip of the stick if it is significantly damaged.  Since the original grip was put on in a factory environment it is very well fitted.  If you take this off, you'll find you have to replace your grips quite regularly moving forward.
  • A Chamois grip is a great idea to put over your stick grip.  The Chamois allows your hands to stick to the handle, even in the wet.  Try and slightly moisten the chamois before training and playing for optimal grip.
  • Any small chips or holes that emerge over time should be cleaned out and filled with a resin glue.  Once dry, wrap with stick tape.
  • It's not unusual to hear a rattle inside your stick sometimes.  It's not broken, it's simple a small piece of carbon, glue or resin that has come off inside the stick.  Take off the end cap, tap the piece out then glue the cap back on to get rid of this.
  • If the cap at the top of the stick starts to move, remove the top of the grip, take off the cap, then use a strong glue to stick the cap back in place.  Wrap the grip back on and leave for 24 hours until completely dry.