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Kookaburra Hockey Reflex Bag (2020)
Kookaburra Hockey Neon Bag (2020)
Mercian Hockey Genesis 0.4 Stick Sleeve (2020)
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Mercian Hockey Genesis 0.3 Stick/Kit Bag (2020)
Grays Rogue Stick Bag (2020)
Adidas Hockey VS2 Stick Sleeve (2020)
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Byte HX Stick Bag
Mercian Hockey Mercian Genesis 0.3
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Junior Hockey Stick Bags

Shop our range of junior hockey stick bags.  We have junior stick bags from Adidas, Grays, Kookaburra and many more.  All in stock and ready to ship.  If you're a young player that needs a hockey stick bag, look no further than Total Hockey.

We also have an extensive range of shoes and sticks specifically for junior hockey players.

A guide to Hockey Bags, by Total Hockey

Single Bags

  • Single bags generally take one stick up to size 36” stick some will take a 36.5” stick.
  • There can be small pockets for valuables, but not much more than a gum shield and a few coins.
  • Some companies will do a stud on the bottom so that you can make the bag shorter for smaller sticks.
  • Single bags are simple and basic, ideal for junior players playing once or twice a week at club or school.
  • Single bags will have only one shoulder strap to carry the bag with.

Medium Sized Bags

  • Medium stick bags can hold up to 3 or 4 sticks in a stick compartment within the bag.
  • It will also have 1 or 2 pockets where players can put their clothes, shin pads, shoes etc.
  • The ideal bags have 2 compartments this allows wet & dirty items to be kept away from clean clothes for after the match.
  • Medium bags are perfect for the school and club player who needs to take a change of clothes with them or to put jackets etc. somewhere while playing.
  • All medium bags will have a single shoulder strap used to carry the bag.

Stick & Kit Bags

  • Stick & Kit bags are big!  They allow the player to bring a change of clothes or more kit for playing in.
  • These bags can hold between 5 and 10 sticks
  • This bag is ideal for the serious player playing at school, club, county or even country.
  • Perfect for going on tour with as you can pack them for the weekend especially if you are taking flight it is one piece of luggage holding everything.
  • Stick & Kit bags will have either 1 or 2 shoulder straps for carrying this bag.

Holdalls & Back Packs

  • Generally this is just a bag for kit only.
  • Most of the Back Packs allow for a stick to go through the bag and still allow you to carry your kit leaving your hands free.  The bag can then also be used for day-to-day use to like taking your PE kit to school or even a school bag.