Mercian Goalkeeping Throat Guards

Mercian Goalkeeping Throat Guards

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Hockey Goalkeeping Kit would not be complete without the Goalkeeping Throat Guard. Hockey Goalkeeping brands have designed these to fully protect your throat and neck area when wearing them with a body armour and helmet.

Wrap Around Throat Guards have been designed by brands to give extra protection and security when wearing them. With an ergonomic shape these throat guards they will sit perfectly above the body armour, so that it gives you the most protection.

Dangle Throat Guards are deigned to be attached to the helmet so that it hangs just below the helmet. This is for goalkeepers that don't like the feeling of something against their neck. These are made from a highly durable plastic to make sure you are protected at all time!

We stock a wide range of Mercian Hockey Goalkeeping Throat Guards designed to give you the best protection on the hockey pitch. We stock to the major hockey goalkeeping brands such as Mercian Hockey. We want to keep you safe when defending the goals. Buy your Mercian Throat Guard from Total-Hockey today!

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