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Should I Buy Hockey Gloves?

Hockey Gloves are not quite an essential piece of equipment for playing hockey. They are mainly designed to give you either protection or warmth. As a result, many hockey players chose to wear a hockey glove to give them the confidence to get lower and tackle harder.


We at Total-Hockey know that there is some confusion on whether or not to buy a hockey glove as a player or buy a hockey glove for your kids. So, we have devised this (Hopefully) easy blog to make sure you buy the right hockey shoes.

Why Should I Buy a Hockey Glove?


In recent years, buying and wearing a hockey glove has become a viral and trendy thing. And because of this, it has caused some confusion on whether or not to buy one for yourself.

Hockey gloves come in a range of different styles and protection levels. You can find them only for your Left and Right or as a pair.


People use Hockey Gloves for multiple reasons, such as protecting their hands when playing outfield, gaining extra confidence when going in, and making tackles! However, hockey gloves also give you additional protection when defending short corners. Moreover, paired gloves are typically designed to provide hockey players warmth when training in cold and wet conditions.


What Are Different Types of Hockey Gloves?


Protection Hockey Gloves

This is the most common style of hockey glove that there is on the market. These are designed to give you high levels of protection from hockey ball and stick impacts. These are mainly made of foam and PVC plastic to give you protection and flexibility.

 Hockey gloves come in both open palm styles and closed palm styles. Available palm hockey gloves give you the maximum grip as it allows you to have a bitter touch and feel of your hockey stick. Closed palm hockey gloves on the other hand are designed with a textured palm. This gives you a more robust grip on the hockey stick.

Protection gloves come in either Left or Right hands and come separately.

Most hockey players will only wear Left-Handed Hockey Gloves. When going down to make the tackle, your left hand is most at risk of getting hit.

At Total-Hockey, we would always say that Left Hand Hockey Gloves typically aim to protect your palm's knuckles and back of your palm. While Right-Handed Hockey Gloves aim to protect your fingers and knuckles.

Short Corner Hockey Gloves

Short Corner Hockey Gloves are designed to give you extra protection when defending fast corners. These hockey gloves will have thick sections of dense foam to protect hockey players from speeding hockey balls or the crushing impact of a hockey stick.

These Short Corner Hockey Gloves are made to go over any other hockey gloves you might be wearing during general hockey play. So, no need to take off any gloves that you are maybe already wearing!

Paired Hockey Gloves

Most Paired Hockey Gloves are designed to give hockey players warmth when playing hockey in cold and wet conditions. As we know, hockey is a winter sport, and hands can get cold holding onto your hockey stick. And these gloves have been designed to combat this.

The Paired Hockey Gloves are made from a thermal style material that stays tight to your hand and provides you with warmth. They can also give you a slight level of protection from 'carpet' burn and knuckle grazing. These can often occur when playing on astroturf hockey pitches.


Hockey Glove Brands


Hockey brands each have their way of developing their Hockey gloves to give you the best levels of protection and fit in a hockey glove.

Adidas Hockey Gloves

Adidas Hockey has developed an open-palmed hockey glove to give you the best level of protection possible. The Adidas Hockey OD Glove is a 3/4 finger hockey glove, providing you with the best protection around the fingers an open finger glove can give you.

Byte Hockey Gloves

Byte Hockey has developed a range of Paired Hockey Gloves to keep your hands warm when you are playing hockey. Byte Hockey Gloves have a specially designed wrist strap to maintain a tighter fit, meaning it should keep your hands warmer on the field!

Grays Hockey Gloves

Grays Hockey is the number 1 Hockey Glove on the market. Grays Hockey has ensured that they have every style of glove covered with their range of hockey gloves. They have everything from a 1/2 to a full finger hockey glove in both Left and Right hands. They also blend hardened plastics and high-density foams to keep the gloves lightweight but highly resistant to impacts.

Mercian Hockey Gloves

Mercian Hockey has designed a range of 3/4 length finger hockey gloves to protect you from the impact on the hockey pitches. They have developed an 'armadillo shell' finger to give you maximum movement when wearing these gloves.

OSAKA Hockey Gloves

OSAKA Hockey has designed and developed a range of hockey gloves for players that want confidence when making those crucial tackles. OSAKA has made indoor and outdoor hockey gloves with their iconic designs so that you truly stand out from the hockey-playing crowd!

Ritual Hockey Gloves

Ritual has designed a hockey glove that is much slimmer yet still highly protective. The Ritual Hockey Glove's slimmer design means that players want the protection on their hands without compromising on a 'bulky' traditional style hockey glove.

Too Long To Read, Summary

  • Hockey Gloves have turned into a very popular piece of equipment in the past few years.
  • They can come as a Left or Right Hand and sometimes can come as a Pair.
  • There are different types of Hockey Gloves
    • Protection Hockey Gloves - These are deigned to give your hand protection from impacts from hockey sticks and hockey balls.
    • Short Corner Hockey Gloves - These are hockey gloves designed to be much bigger than traditional hockey gloves, with the aim of protecting you during short corner defense. Typically you can put these over existing hockey gloves.
    • Paired Hockey Gloves - Developed to give you extra layers of warmth when wearing during colder sessions. These act like a baselayer on your hands!
  • Hockey Gloves are made by most hockey brands, but all the hockey brands have their own way of making and manufacturing hockey gloves giving you a expansive choice of hockey gloves.

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