How Do I Size A Hockey Stick

In the beautiful sport of hockey, your stick is the most valuable part of equipment, simply put without it you can't play. The important thing when you are purchasing a hockey stick is to know hat height you need to ensure you can play comfortably and effectively. We hope to help you find the perfect size of hockey stick for you or anyone else in your hockey life, through this guide below.


What Size Of Hockey Stick Do I Need?

Hockey stick length can affect your game and your control of the ball as well as hitting capability.

There are so many different ways of measuring or finding out the size of hockey stick. Some ask you to put the hockey stick in your armpit, some as you to guess from the height of player and some just take a guess from the position of the moon!

At Total-Hockey we use the easiest and simplest way... The 'Belly Button' method. All that you need for this to work is a measuring tape and the payer that needs a new size of stick. Now to get the size.
Using the measuring tape measure from the centre of the belly button to the floor in inches. That is it, how simple was that!


Now I Have The Size, What Next?

Now you have the distance between the belly button and the floor in inches, you have to now equate that to stick lengths.

Hockey Stick Length Distance Measured
View 22" Stick Range 22" 20" - 22"
View 24" Stick Range 24" 23" - 24"
View 26" Stick Range 26" 25" - 26"
View 28" Stick Range 28" 27" - 28"
View 30" Stick Range 30" 29" - 30"
View 32" Stick Range 32" 31" - 32"
View 34" Stick Range 34" 33" - 34"
View 35" Stick Range 35" 35" - 35.5"
View Adult Stick Range 36.5" or 37.5" 36" +


The stick lengths of 36.5" and 37.5" are adult length hockey sticks and we would recommend that you choose the length of hockey stick on which size feels more comfortable to hold and to play with. We would suggest to come into one of our stores to have a feel of a adult hockey stick and you can see which size will feel the nicest. If you can't get to one of our stores just have a feel of one of your team mates hockey stick to see which size is the most comfortable to you!


Too Long To Read, Summary

  • To find the size of a hockey stick, measure from Belly Button to the Floor in inches
  • Use the size table to then find the best suitable size for the player.
  • If the measurement is over 36" is going to be an adult hockey stick
  • 36.5" and 37.5" are senior length sticks and you can have either of these depending on which is the most comfortable to use.


Still Too Long To Read, Here Is A Video

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