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TK Arrive

The new colourful TK range of hockey equipment has arrived at Total Hockey.

The new Total One range with it's braided technology leads the way as always with TK

The Total One Range sticks combines tried and tested performance from tradition- all manufacturing techniques with the confidence of technologically advanced carbon braid materials.
The result is an outstanding stick, inspired by the drive to win!.

The Synergy Range is the start of the colours

Delivering unparalleled performance every time, TK’s Synergy sticks continue to lead the market in technology advancement. The performance reputation of TK’s Synergy models remains unrivaled utilising Nano Technology with IDS for S1, S1 Deluxe and S2. Reactive Liquid Polymer features on our standard Synergy sticks.

Finally the Trillium Range is one of the most popular price points without compromising power and feel.

The no compromise Trilium Sticks range is ideal for players of all levels. The TK elephant is more prominent on the design of these sticks in direct response to our customer base. This economic stick series brings TK’s established technologies to the game, while reflecting budgets of our modern times.

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