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It's that time of year again when you start to prepare for the new season, trying to workout where you put all the bibs and asking did anyone see our umpire from last season!!

We know that hockey balls are one of the biggest draw on school and club funds. With balls going over the fence, under a tree, or even into a bag, by mistake!They go missing.

At Total Hockey we would like to help with a few hockey ball offers:


Kookaburra Sentinel

Our most popular hockey ball over the past few seasons has been the Kookaburra Sentinel ball retailing at £4.70 each, we have been able to do this ball for £2.50 each or if you order OVER 36 the price comes down to£2.45 and we can do these in either White, Orange, Pink, Yellow or now Blue!

This ball can be used for training and for most schools and club it can be used for matches.

Please note these offers are in multiples of 12.

Mercian Practice/Match Balls

The Mercian Match ball is retailing at £5.50 and comes in White, Orange and Pink we are doing this for £3.00 and orders over 36 is £2.50.

These Mercian Balls are great match balls for junior clubs as well as good practice balls for seniors and schools for training.

Please note these offers are in multiples of 6.


Kookaburra Standard Ball

An excellent match ball at a great price and available in white, orange, pink and yellow. RRP £10 for £7.95.

Please note these offers are in multiples of 12.


Mercian ProTurf Ball

This is a quality ball, made to a very high standard. The RRP on this ball is £8 and we have them on offer at £4.50 and have them in both white and orange colours.They also come in a smooth version but only in White at the same price

This ball is ideal for senior school and senior club training and match day ball.

Please note to avail of these offers and get the best price please call us on 028 40662684 or email us at

Please note these offers are in multiples of 6.


DITA – Match Ball

Dita Match Ball we have it only in white and it’s RRP is £5 and we are able to do it for HALF PRICE at £2.50.

Please note these offers are in multiples of 12.


TK –Match Ball

New for 2015 the TK S1 plus is a Hollow Dimpled match ball done in White and Orange RRP £5 for £4 if you purchase 96 they will be £3.50 each.

Have a great season and we all wish you the very best for the 2015-16 season wherever you are playing and whatever level you are playing at!

For more information on our hockey balls click here


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